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WoodTrends™ is a genuine wooden acoustic wall panel. The perforation or grooves in the wood facing allows the panel to achieve NRC values as high as .90.

The panels are built on a MDF or chipboard core and are offered with your choice of 24 standard wood veneer facings and 40 custom veneers. These wooden wall panels are Class A fire-rated and are easily installed by the attachment of nail clips onto furring strips.

WoodTrends™ TIMBRE utilizes a 24mm or 31mm channeled chipboard core with acoustical results dependent upon the number of channels relieved by the grooves. This monolithic look is installed by gluing or nailing to furring strips. Standard sizes are 23.6" or 98" wide and 102" long.

WoodTrends™ TOPLINE is a genuine wood plank style wall featuring a series of grooves and slots to achieve acoustic results. Built on 16mm thick MDF with a thickness of .6mm, plank edges overlap to provide a monolithic look. Also installed by gluing or nailing panels to furring strips. Standard sizes are 5" or 12" wide by up to 120" long.

WoodTrends™ STANDARD wood plank system is installed by the attachment of pivot clips onto a typical 15/16" grid. Standard sizes 2'x2', 2'x4' and custom.

NRC RatingRecyclable Customizable Veneer FinishesClass A Fire Rated

For questions on the WoodTrends™ acoustic wall panels, please call our technical sales staff at 1-800-782-5742.

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Product Questions & Comments (8 items)

  • Mike,


    The WoodTrends Panels are available in the standard sizes 2' x 2', 2' x 4', and 1' x 6', but custom sizes are available as well upon request.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    67 Positive

  • I am looking for a replacement for a T-bar ceiling acoustical panel that has a wood finish. Do you offer any lightweight 2x4 panels that could be installed in a T-bar ceiling grid?

    Steve Battaglia - Battaglia Commercial Real Estate

    86 Positive

  • Steve,

    We do offer light weight wooden acoustical ceiling tiles for a T grid ceiling. Take a look at our Sonex Bioline Ceiling Tiles, here is the URL: http://acousticalsolutions.com/597~sonex-biolint-ceiling-tiles

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    82 Positive

  • we need an acoustic walling system for a multipurpose hall made out of shipping containers. what sort of composite arrangement of material would i need to make it sound proof in time of rain etc.

    damola - architect

    83 Positive

  • Damola,


    To keep the shipping containers from making noise when it rains, you would need to keep it from vibrating. A damping compoud like QuietCoat could do this, here is the url: http://www.acousticalsolutions.com/31~quietcoat

    It can be sprayed or rolled onto the metal interior.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    67 Positive

  • Are the wood panels sturdy enough to be used on a wall that is extremely high traffic?

    Alyson Feldman - United Lubavitcher Yeshiva

    64 Positive

  • Hi Alyson,

    WoodTrends Panels have a wood veneer similar to some furniture and stand up well to reasonable abuse.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    28 Positive

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