Studio 54 Cleanable Wall Panels

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Finally, an acoustical panel that is easy to clean, and looks good enough to leave the gymnasium. Studio 54 Cleanable Wall Panels reduce sound intensity and reverberation as well as the leading acoustical panel, but are wrapped in an easily cleanable acoustical fabric, available in 13 muted metallic colors.

Ideal for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, or high end offices, Studio 54 panels offer a sleek appearance with the added advantage of quick and simple cleaning with a damp cloth.

Panels are Class 1 Fire Rated, have an NRC rating of .85 - 1.15, and are available in sizes up to 4' x 10'.

Available edge details include square, radius, mitered, and beveled. All edges are chemically hardened. 

These panels are a custom product that you design yourself. Choose your fabric color, choose your sizes and give us a call to place your order. The panels are installed easily to walls with impaling clips, which are free with your panels. If you are mounting to the ceiling, alternative hardware such as z-clips are required.



Dimensions1" Thickness2" Thickness
4' x 10' $329.00 $409.00
Z-Clip fasteners $20.00 per panel  Impaling Clip fasteners FREE with panel orders


  Radius, Mitred & Bevelled
edges: $10.00 per panel
2' x 2' $74.00 $84.00
2' x 4' $107.00 $127.00
2' x 5' $133.00 $153.00
2' x 6' $156.00 $179.00
2' x 8' $186.00 $217.00
2' x 10' $220.00 $258.00
2'6" x 2' $92.00


2'6" x 3' $130.00 $155.00
2'6" x 4' $137.00 $163.00
2'6" x 5' $179.00 $237.00
2'6" x 6' $209.00 $268.00
2'6" x 8' $269.00 $350.00
2'6" x 10' $308.00 $409.00
4' x 3' $140.00 $165.00
4' x 4' $161.00 $198.00
4' x 5' $192.00 $240.00
4' x 6' $221.00 $268.00
4' x 8' $289.00 $350.00

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Product Questions & Comments (6 items)

  • The Soroptimist Club of Gold Beach has their own building but when you get many people in it talking you can't hear individual conversations. It has a slight vault to the ceiling and has some carpet and some solid surface flooring. How can we help get rid of the sound problem? Would panels be good? Walls or ceiling?

    Leslie Keating - Interior Coverups

    15 Positive

  • Hi Leslie,

    I would recommend acoustical panels suspended or flush mounted to the ceiling first, and the wall second if it is within budget. Please feel free to call in if you have any more questions! 800 782 5742

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions

    14 Positive

  • I was wondering which panel would be best for my salon. I have been looking at your site and noticed the cleanable ones. Could you recommend the correct ones, please? Also I saw that you told someone else to do the ceiling first, why is that?

    Melissa - Pet Crew Grooming Salon

    14 Positive

  • Hi Melissa,

    Any of our acoustical panels will help lower the noise level in your salon, but if you are looking for a panel that looks finished and is easily cleanable with a damp cloth, I would recommend our Studio 54 Panels shown on this page. The reason I recommended that Leslie treat her ceiling first was because the space has a raised vaulted ceiling shape, which is notorious for creating long reverberation times. Where you choose to apply your treatment depends on the particulars of your space. Please call in and speak with one of our architectural reps if you have more questions or would like to discuss panel placement in your salon: 800 782 5742

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions

    14 Positive

  • I am looking for washable wall panels in vibrant colors for designing in kitchens and baths. Do you produce these panels in vibrant colors? HOw does one become a distributor of your product? Thanks. Sharon

    Sharon Watts - Millers HHBC

    5 Positive

  • Hello Sharon, we do have a few panel types which are cleanable and may be suitable for your particular application, including the product featured on this page, Studio 54 Acoustic Panels. I have attached links to the other product pages here: AlphaEnviro Ripstop/PVC Wall Panels/Baffles, AlphaPerf Metal Wall Panels. Color charts can be seen on these pages by clicking on the links in the download center. Please let me know if you would like any samples of these to be sent out to your attention. We sell direct and do not have distributors. Please feel free to call me with any additional questions. I would be happy to talk you through your noise issue and offer any possible solutions: 804-349-0041

    Ryan Colton - Acoustical Solutions

    2 Positive