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Rubber Stud Isolators are an affordable, easy-to-install, and effective way to decouple walls and ceilings for vibration and sound control. Simply attach to studs and continue construction to experience improved performance with any building method.


Stud isolators are made of extruded rubber and are shaped to fit and isolate wood beams in floors and ceilings as well as wall studs.

The isolators are 2-1/8″ wide × 1-1/2″ high × 2″ long and come in black.


Installation is simple due to their 'friction fit' quality - simply place the stud isolators over the stud or beam faces and continue construction.  Install the stud isolators spaced 16″ on center.


  • "Damping Shoes" support and acoustically isolate floor framing members (ie. Joists)
  • Extruded EPDM rubber formulated to reduce or eliminate vibrations
  • Shaped to accomodate standard joist dimensions

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Product Questions & Comments (4 items)

  • Great question, John. These stud isolators do provide 1/2" of isolation, so if you using them on the top and bottom of the stud, they would take up one inch of space.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    22 Positive

  • So if I use these stud isolators under my drywall, it will decouple the wall from the stud and make my room sound proof?

    Patrick -

    15 Positive

  • Hi Patrick,

    The stud isolators will not make your room completely soundproof, but will help with a specific kind of noise. The stud isolators keep your studs from contacting the sub floor and/or ceiling. This keeps vibration and therefore structure borne noise from transmitting from floor to wall, wall to ceiling or floor, etc. So this will help diminish the spread of impact noise on these surfaces, and some low frequency vibration as well. To stop the transmission of high to mid frequencies you should think about adding mass or sound damping materials.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    20 Positive

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