Stratus Cloud Kit

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The Stratus Cloud kit consists of a Primacoustic 2" thick, 24" x 48" Broadway panel and aluminium hardware for overhead suspension.

The absorptive panel is made from 6 lbs. per cubic foot high-density encapsulated fiberglass. The aluminium hardware clamps onto the panel sides and provides four points to hang from.

The science is based on thermo-dynamic energy transfer, where sound penetrating the Stratus Cloud causes the glass fibers to vibrate which in turn, converts the acoustic energy into heat.

The Stratus Cloud Kit ships flat and final assemble is performed by the end user.

A screwdriver is the only tool required for assembly.

Each kit contains the absorptive panel, aluminium side clamps and cross-bars.

Assembly takes about 15 minutes from start to finish!

Available in Black, Beige & Grey


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Only $229.99 Each!

*Lead time on Primacoustic products is 6-8 weeks.

*Kit includes one panel*


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