Soundamp E Vibration Damping Sheet

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  • (1) DAMSOUNDAMP-E Sound Damping Sheet 40" x 54"

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Sound damping sheets are a self-adhesive backed 40" x 54" sheets used for sound and vibration control on metal panels.

The adhesive side is smooth, giving complete contact with the underlying surface without any air pockets or channels.

It is odorless, wear-resistant and impregnated to prevent the absorption of water.

Both damping sheet and adhesive can withstand temperatures between –30 C and +120 C (-22 F to +248 F) and are highly resistant to aging.

Sound damping sheets offer high acoustic loss factors are non-hazardous, non-toxic and resistant to water and mineral oils. Standard applications include ventilation ducts, hoppers, machine guards, boats, buses, air compressors and generator enclosures.

Price: $37.10 per sheet (40" x 54")

*Minimum Order is 10 Sheets 

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Product Questions & Comments (28 items)

  • Can the Soundamp E Vibration Damping Sheet be used underneath wood tables in a restaurant to help with noise reduction? If not, is there anything that can be used underneath tables for noise absorption? Thank you

    La Misha Fields - La Montage Interiors

    72 Positive

  • La Misha,

    These sheets are meant to be used on metal, so they would not be effective on your wood tables. You could apply another product, but which one you use depends on if you are trying to absorb sound reflecting off the underside of the table, or if you are trying to reduce noise created by impact or vibration on the table. Give us a call so we can help you out: 800 782 5742

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    32 Positive

  • Can this product be used to dampen sound on pvc plumbing pipes?

    cassandra -

    31 Positive

  • Cassandra,


    These damping sheets would not work well on PVC pipes because they are not extremely pliable and are not meant for PVC. If the noise is caused by vibration, QuietCoat or another damping compound would work. If you are trying to cut noise coming from within the pipe itself, AudioSeal Pipe and Duct Wrap is a good solution.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solution, Inc.

    21 Positive

  • I would like to quiet the airflow noise from a 16" Air Conditioning supply opening. Can this or another variation or product be applied to the inside of the aluminum pipe to effectively reduce the airflow noise?

    Joseph - JH Engineering Inc

    22 Positive

  • Joseph,

    We actually sell a product that is designed specifically for noisy HVAC pipes. Please take a look at our AudioSeal Pipe and Duct Lag:

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    23 Positive

  • I am trying to find a solution, or at least a way to lessen the noise that a window ac is making. when the compressor is running it sends a reverberating vibration through the wall of the adjoining apartment. Is there aninexpensive way to solve this problem or at least tone down this annoying sound. The window in which it is mounted is an aluminum frame and no part of the unit is in contact with it. You only hear and feel this sound in other rooms. The unit is secure in its mounting, its just that the compreesor makes that low pitched sound that travels through the walls. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    David -

    15 Positive

  • Hi David,

    Without observing the window ac unit, this is a difficult issue to evaluate. The secure mounting reduces the vibration of the ac unit itself, but also transfers the vibration to the surrounding wall. The best thing to try to do now would be to isolate the unit from the wall. Check out our isolation products here:

    Our isolation pads, mounts, or stud isolators may be modified to suit this purpose, but again it is difficult to make more specific recommendations without taking a closer look at your unit and window. Please call in a speak with one of our knowledgeable sales reps who can talk this over with you and figure out the best way to reduce vibration transmission: 1-800-782-5742

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    22 Positive

  • Can this be used inside a trunk for stereo installation like Dynamat is used for?

    Bill -

    25 Positive

  • Hi Bill,

    Our Sounddamp E Vibration Sheets need to be adhered directly to the metal or other hard surface, so if your trunk has no upholstry, then these sheets would successfully keep your trunk from vibrating.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    23 Positive

  • We have a large roll up metal door that is letting in a lot of noise from other tenants close by. we want to try and minimize the sound coming through the roll up door. Do you have any suggestions on a product of yours that would work best? Thanks!!

    Steve Taylor - Laughing Buddha Yoga

    18 Positive

  • Comment Img

    Hi Steve,

    For soundproofing garage doors we usually recommend hanging acoustical blankets from the door, but if it is a roll-up variety, this wouldn't work. You can still use absorber/barrier blankets, but suspend them in front of the door instead of attaching it ( Please call in and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales reps if you have more questions, they'd love to talk you through your noise issue and solution: 800=782-5742

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    22 Positive

  • Re:Soundamp E Vibration Damping Sheets. Is this product comarable to the sound deadning characteristics of Dynamat? The product would be used on the interior of my Pick-Up truck for the bare metal floors, inside each door affixed to the bare metal and the interior of the fire-wall...bare metal. Please let me know. Thanks, Paul Allred

    Paul Allred - N/A

    18 Positive

  • Hi Paul,

    Soundamp E Vibration Damping Sheets dampen vibration and sound like Dynamat and are used in a very similar manner.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    10 Positive

  • I'm considering using this for connecting doors in a hotel. If I put these on the inside of the door that connects, would that help sound transfer from one room to the next?

    Paul - Hotel

    16 Positive

  • Comment Img

    Hi Paul,

    I think a better option for you would be our door seal kits: They reduce sound transmission by ensuring your door is airtight when closed. The vibration damping sheets are meant for structure borne noise only.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    14 Positive

  • Does the Soundamp E Vibration Damping Sheet need mechanical fasteners if installed in the interior of an HVAC duct air supply to a residential furnace?

    Edward Arp - CEC

    9 Positive

  • Hi Edward, The Soundamp E Vibration Damping Sheets have an adhesive backing and do not require mechanical fasteners when installed on HVAC ducts.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    13 Positive

  • Does this material have an NRC?

    Deb - School

    13 Positive

  • Hi Deb,

    This material does not have an NRC rating. NRC ratings are used to quantify how much airborne sound a product absorbs as opposed to reflecting and deflecting it. Vibration damping sheets do not absorb airborne noise, but vibration. Vibration is how structure borne noise is created and transmitted. Please feel free to call in with any additional questions! 800-782-5742

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    18 Positive

  • What is the thickness of the Soundamp E Vibration Damping Sheet?

    Tom Hilgen - Marsh

    16 Positive

  • Hi Tom, The thickness of Soundamp E Vibration Damping Sheets are 1.95mm. This, and other technical information can be found by going to the data sheet in the download center of this page.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    20 Positive

  • Would this product be appropriate for lessening road noise in a vehicle?

    Frank -

    20 Positive

  • Hi Frank,

    This could be used in a truck bed or similar applications for lessening structural vibration noise in a vehicle - also check out our damping compound, QuietCoat. We have a video that shows a before and after in a vehicle application of QuietCoat here:

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    15 Positive

  • We have a surge bin that parts are dumped large tubs at a time. By adding this sound dampening material on the outside of the surge bin would it lower the decible level when parts are dumped?

    Jeanne ELdredge - Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

    5 Positive

  • Hi Jeanne, For your surge bin, our Soundamp E Sheets would help, but an easier and likely more effective solution would be applying VBD-10 Vibration Damping Compound( to the exterior of the bin. Please feel free to call in with any additional questions. One of our knowledgeable sales reps can talk you through your noise issue and any possible solutions: 800 782 5742

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions

    10 Positive

  • I have acoustic issues with regards to what I would describe as "echo" ... the sound bouncing around the room and it being a little hard for customers to hear each other sometimes. I would not say the room is loud though. I see these are for metal surfaces... mentioned that it could be used on ductwork. My question is whether this product is good for decreasing sound echo... boucning around from a source in the room other than the ductwork / AC or Heating unit OR is this for putting ont the metal ductwork and decreasing the sound that comes from it ? Thank You

    Ken - Restaurant Owner

    0 Positive

  • Hello Ken,

    The Soundamp E Vibration Damping Sheets are really designed more to stop vibrational noise on metal surfaces. I tend to see this being used for industrial applications for the most part. For a restaurant, you would want to look at adding some sound absorptive panels or ceiling tiles to the room to help to help decrease the echo. Do you have any pictures of the space that you could send me? This would help me to see the layout of your restaurant and make further recommendations on how to treat the echo. Please feel free to call me with any additional questions. I would be happy to talk you through your noise issue and offer any possible solutions: 804-349-0041

    Ryan Colton - Acoustical Solutions

    0 Positive

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