Sonex™ Harmoni Ceiling Tile

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Sonex™ Harmoni Ceiling Tiles are the natural choice when you’re looking for a way to combine contemporary styling with excellent acoustical control at a moderate price.

The Sonex™ Harmoni ceiling tiles are a class one fire rated melamine foam ceiling tile and they are available in two different patterns and four different colors.

These tiles are designed to fit into any standard ceiling tile grid. They are a perfect solution for classrooms, listening rooms, home theaters, conference rooms, retail stores and any other interior areas where ceiling tiles are used.

NRC RatingClass A Fire RatedCustomizableRecyclableGSA Contract Pricing

Sonex™ Harmoni Ceiling Tile
VISTA 2' x 2' 2" Smooth 14 56 $440.00 $420.00* $406.00*



Size of



of Tile



per box

Sq. Ft.

per box

1-9 Boxes




20 +


TARTAN 2' x2' 2" Sculpted 14 56 $470.00 $445.00* $432.00*

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Product Questions & Comments (4 items)

  • I own a beauty shop with 4 operators all working in one room. We will be replacing the drop ceiling on July 8th. I am looking for sound absorbtion in 2x2 tiles . Can you help or suggest. The main work area is 21x14.

    Judy Risavi - Elm Street Emporium

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  • Judy - You've definitely come to the right place. The tiles on this page, as well as all of our ceiling tiles, will greatly reduce reverberation and echo in your beauty shop.

    I would suggest exploring all the various drop tiles we offer because each offers a very distinct design option. In addition to foam, we offer wooden, metal and fabric wrapped ceiling tiles, any of which might fit the design of your shop perfectly.

    I also suggest calling one of our sales people at 800-782-5742 or 804-346-8350 to discuss price and color options. We have a team waiting to speak with customers who have questions just like yours!

    Eric Peters - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    37 Positive

  • I have a print shop in a fairly small area. We applied carpet to the floor to help absorb the noise. I currently am using a grid system that holds 2 by 4 ceiling panels. Can you tell me what my best options would be?

    Cheryl Hamilton - NW Tri-County Intermediate Unit

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  • We have a number of different acoustical ceiling tiles with higher absorption characteristics than standard tiles which should work for your application: Some of the more popular styles include the Signature Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles, Sonex Contour Ceiling Tiles, and AlphaEnviro PVC Ceiling Tiles. Please feel free to call me with any additional questions. I would be happy to talk you through your noise issue and offer any possible solutions: 804-349-0041

    Ryan Colton - Acoustical Solutions

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