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  • Soundproofing for Condos and Apartment buildi
    Apartments & Condominiums (1)

    The idea of soundproofing a room in an apartment or condo for a quieter environment in your home is a very common and a very obtainable goal.

    In apartments and condos typical goals are to add soundproofing to walls, rooms or the entire home.

    The problems being addressed include unwanted noise coming through common walls, such as noisy neighbors, and footfall or impact noise coming from above.

    There are several products used in soundproofing a home including sound barriers and sound isolation materials.

    Use our AudioSeal Sound Barrier™ when soundproofing a wall or room. It is a vinyl sound barrier applied to the studs within the wall cavity.

    Our other products used in soundproofing a home include sound isolation products such as AlphaResiliant™ Isolation Clips and Enkasonic or Iso-Step floor underlayment.


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  • acoustics in the home
    Home Noise Control (4)

    Acoustical Solutions, Inc. provides many products that help home owners reduce unwanted noises throughout their home.Sound blocking materials, like Audioseal sound barrier, can be added to soundproof walls and ceilings within your home.

    Sound absorption materials, like fabric wrapped acoustical wall panels, can be added to quiet down certain rooms within your home such as home theaters and living rooms.

    If you have any questions on which sound proofing material would be best for your home, please call us toll free at 1-800-782-5742.


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  • Home Theater Design
    Home Theater Design (7)

    A custom home theaters is a great additions to your home! When building a custom home theater, two different acoustical problems arise.

    The first deals with reducing sound transmission levels between your home theater and adjoining rooms. Proper home theater design allows you to enjoy great sound without disturbing neighbors or houseguests in other rooms. Soundproofing the walls and ceilings of the home theater interior can be achieved by using sound barriers and isolation clips underneath the drywall.

    The second area to be concerned with when you build a home theater is improving the sound quality within the home theater interior. Generally this involves the use of sound absorption products.

    Acoustical Solutions offers many custom fabricated fabric wrapped wall panels, which are designed to be acoustically effective and aesthetically pleasing. Acoustical wall panels add a plush feel to your home theater interior while greatly improving the acoustics.


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  • Home Recording Studio Design
    Home Recording Studio Design (4)

    With the popularity of the home recording on the rise, Acoustical Solutions, Inc. has just the products you need to build your home recording studio.

    No recording studio, whether project or commercial, is complete without proper acoustical isolation, absorption and diffusion.

    Typically, slap echo, flutter echo, standing waves, along with a loss of clarity in the lower frequency range, plague the small room designs used for home recording studios.

    Don't let your recording studio design be the reason your recordings don't translate properly. Don't let room modes and phase canceling leave your room far from flat.

    Call Acoustical Solutions at 1-800-782-5742 and speak with one of our technical sales staff to discuss proper design for your home recording studio.


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