Radiator™ Open Grid Diffuser

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The Radiator is a multi-faceted device used to break up high frequency sound energy and create a sense of air and space in any room. This makes the Radiator perfect for studios and home theatres where you may want to eliminate flutter echo without over-deadening the room.

The architecturally pleasing look also makes the Radiator perfect for improving intelligibility in any environment.

Measuring just under 23¾" x 23¾", the Radiator fits into standard T-Bar ceilings and is ideally suited to act as a portal between the room and the plenum to increase the sense of space by allowing acoustic energy to transition naturally between the two air spaces.

This approach has been used for years by studio designers to enhance the sound of a room and create natural trailing reverb without the compressed sound of a small space.

The Radiator can also be used as a cloud. A series of carefully positioned mounting holes allow multiple Radiators to be ganged together to create ceiling arrays that can be suspended over the recording work space to help eliminate standing waves and powerful reflections.

Finally, when combined with acoustic wall panels, a host of creative designs can be introduced to control the acoustic environment while introducing a sense of design and flair to the room.

A natural laminated wood finish and great looking dovetail joints make the Radiator the perfect centerpiece to add spice to any room's décor.

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ColorOuter DimensionsCell DimensionsFrequency RangePrice
birch 23¾" x 23¾" x 3" 2.64" x 2.64" 565Hz to 2.2kHz $229.99


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