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PolySorpt™ Ceiling Tiles are non-fibrous sound absorbing panels that can be used in a wide variety of indoors or outdoors environments to reduce ambient noise levels and excessive reverberation.

Great for both Indoor and Outdoor, these sound absorpent ceiling tiles are light weight and easy to install.

They can be glued directly to any ceiling or fit into ceiling grid systems. These acoustical tiles are offered in a standard flat surface pattern or a more decorative designer style depending giving you aesthetic options for your sound treatment.

PolySorpt™ Colors: Charcoal or White

PolySorpt™ Thickness, sizes and acoustical values


  • 23  3/4" x 47 3/4" x 1" thick (NRC .55)
  • 23  3/4" x 47 3/4" x 2" thick (NRC .70)
PolySorpt Indoor - Outdoor Sound Panels
Designer Surface 23  3/4" x 47 3/4" x 2" White or Charcoal 7 $688.00
Model Size Color Number per Box Price per Box
Flat Surface 23  3/4" x 47 3/4" x 1" White or Charcoal 13 $536.00
Flat Surface 23  3/4" x 47 3/4" x 2" White or Charcoal 7 $476.00
Designer Surface 23  3/4" x 47 3/4" x 1" White or Charcoal 13 $830.00


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Product Questions & Comments (18 items)

  • Can PolySorpt Ceiling Tiles be installed directly to the underside of wood roof trusses spaced 2ft oc ? Glue or staple or power nail?

    Robert Tennenbaum AIA - Architect

    98 Positive

  • Robert - Yes you could direct mount the PolySorpt panels directly to the underside of the wood trusses, however I would recommend using a mechanical fastener such as a staple or nail along with an adhesive on the back of the tile such as LocTite power Grab. Also keep in mind these tiles are sized for drop in ceiling grids so the tiles actually measure 23 3/4" x 47 3/4" and if I were installing in this fashion I would space them out some instead of having them abutt one another. Thanks for the question!

    Eric Peters - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    58 Positive

  • Can these panels be easily cut to fit around ceiling fixtures?

    Mark Groms - Home Owner

    47 Positive

  • Mark,

    Yes, PolySorpt Ceiling Tiles can be cut to fit around ceiling fixtures. The material they are made of, polypropylene, feels almost like styrofoam and can be easy cut and shaped with a utility knife.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    57 Positive

  • Will these panels help in reducing the noise coming from upstairs?

    Inna -

    65 Positive

  • Inna,

    These ceiling tiles will not stop noise coming from the floor above. They are absorptive, meaning they will reduce noise inside the room that they are installed. Here is a URL to our list of barrier ceiling tiles, meant to block noise: http://acousticalsolutions.com/drop-tile-sound-barriers .

    Other options commonly used for this issue are using a floor underlayment on the level above you, or creating a 'floating ceiling' on your level. This requires isolation clips, two layers of drywall, and damping compound like QuietGlue Pro.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    17 Positive

  • Will polySorpt ceiling stop me from hearing the kid in the apartment up stairs from me run and jump over my head?

    jenne - none

    20 Positive

  • Jenne,

    These ceiling tiles are meant to absorb noise in the room they are being installed in, not block sound coming in from other areas. If you want to stop footfall noise entering the room from the floor above, the best thing to do would be to use a damping compound like QuietGlue Pro and additional drywall to cut the vibration transmission. You could also create a 'floating celing' by decoupling with isolation clips. Here is an article from our blog that explains soundproofing in more detail: http://www.acousticsblog.com/2012/sound-blocking-proofing/

    Please give us a call if you still have questions. Soundproofing ceilings can be done in a few different ways, but our experienced sales representatives have talked many customers through the process and would be glad to do so for you: 1-800-782-5742

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    15 Positive

  • Comment Img

    Can the Polyabsorb style be effective if there are spaces left open in between the ceiling and tiles? I don't want to completely cover the open ceiling. It is a metal ceiling with industrial open grid type tracks where I could place/lay tile in between at 4-6 feet at length tile. Almost in float formations. Thx

    Annette T Z - Salon Concepts, ltd.

    19 Positive

  • Hi Annette,

    Yes, these tiles will still be effective even if the ceiling is not completely covered. The face of the tiles will absorb the noise that reaches it, and sound waves that go between will deflect off the ceiling and some will be absorbed by the back of the tiles. Of course, covering the entire ceiling would allow for the most sound absorption, but may not be entirely necessary for your purpose.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    13 Positive

  • Which product would you recommend for a restaurant. Trying to reduce the sound level...gets way to high on busy nights. I have a concrete floor, high ceilings, reclaimed wood walls. Nothing to help capture any of the sound. Flat surface for where the product would be applied to.... Thanks - David

    David Hunsaker - 31st Union

    18 Positive

  • Hi David,

    We actually did an installation of Acoustical Clouds on a project that sounds very similar to yours. The clouds were chosen because like your restaurant, the surfaces were all flat and hard, and the owner didn't wish to cover his walls (especially reclaimed wood!). So the best option was to apply sound absorbing materials to the high ceiling. Check out the case study here: http://www.acousticalsolutions.com/97~new-downtown-restaurant-reduces-noise-the-green-way

    And the product used, our Sustainable Series Clouds: http://www.acousticalsolutions.com/enviroline-cloud-mount-panel

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    27 Positive

  • What tiles would you recommend for noise reduction from upstairs neighbor? I am looking to reduce noise in my apartment from ceiling.

    elizabeth reilly -

    26 Positive

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    If you are trying to block sound transmission through your ceiling from your neighbor above, you need a product that with block noise, not just absorb it. If you have a drop tile ceiling assembly you can check out our sound blocking ceiling tiles and drop tile barrier: http://acousticalsolutions.com/drop-tile-sound-barriers If you do not, you can check with your landlord and see if he would mind you using a damping compound like QuietGlue Pro and additional drywall on your ceiling: http://acousticalsolutions.com/31~quietglue-pro Please call in if you have any more questions about these or other soundproofing methods! 800-782-5742

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    24 Positive

  • Can you paint the noise reduction tiles or will that have an adverse effect on their performance?

    Joe Novak - Gold Coast Development

    9 Positive

  • Hi Joe,

    PolySorpt Panels can be painted, but it does effect the absorption ratings. However, a thin layer of sprayed on paint only decreases absorption marginally. If you must paint, apply it this way and you won't notice a significant decrease in effectiveness.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions

    6 Positive

  • WHat is the difference in the flat surface versus the designer surface?

    Linda -

    2 Positive

  • Comment Img

    Hi Linda, The only difference between the flat and designer surfaces are aesthetic. I've attached a photo of a white designer surface panel, and a flat black panel. Please give us a call if you have any other questions! 800 782 5742

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions

    6 Positive