Outdoor Noise Control

  • Highway Noise (1)

    Highway noise has been a problem for many communities for years.  With increased residential development and urbanization, it's only been natural that our roads generate more hazardous noise.


    Many state and local governments have regulations in place to protect residents from excessive highway noise.


    One of the most effective ways to reduce unwanted highway noise is the use of noise blocking acoustical walls and fences.


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  • Outdoor Sound Control
    Residential & Patios (2)

    Outdoor noise reduction usually involves blocking noise from highway construction, traffic or mechanical equipment.

    For screen walls, perimeter fences, buffers and sound barriers, Acoustical Solutions, Inc. provides total solutions for your specific fencing and wall needs.

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  • plane creating noise over residential area
    Airport Noise (2)

    From private airports to international airports, sound control is a concern for all airports. 


    Acoustical Solutions, Inc. has innovative products to help airports be better neighbors to their surrounding communities as well as meet sound control regulations.


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  • Outdoor Manufacturing Noise (1)

    Sound control for manufacturing facilities can be a complicated problem.  Thankfully, years of experience developing customized noise mitigation solutions for industrial and manufacturing facilities has given Acoustical Solutions, Inc. the knowledge to confidently tackle these dynamic sound situations.


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  • Less Noise, More Learning: Absorptive Sound Walls

    The three large chillers at Meadowbrook High School were causing serious sound problems.  The units weren't exactly in the best places, which were the school's courtyards.

    Acoustical Solutions, Inc. was called in and chose to use an absorptive sound wall around each chiller to combat the noise. 

    Today, the school's courtyard is both quieter and looks better.


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  • Quiet Trains = Easy Retirement Living

    Despite only being about 150 ft. away from a railroad track, a retirement community in Virginia is peaceful and noise-free thanks to Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    A large sound wall was built between the community and the tracks to act as a noise barrier.  Since then, train noise has never been a problem.


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