Music & Chorus Room Design

  • Acoustical Solutions Soundproofs the School of Rock

    Acoustical Solutions recently provided the soundproofing and noise control materials for Norfolk, Virginia's School of Rock.

    Various combinations of acoustical panels, soundproof doors and acoustical floor underlayment were installed in some of the school's rehearsal space as well as in its concert venue.


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  • Acoustical Wall Panels and Ceiling Clouds for The Spirit of the Mountain

    The Liberty University Band was upgrading and moving to a new rehearsal room when they called Acoustical Solutions.

    Together, the two came up with a plan to install acoustic panels and hanging acoustic ceiling tiles to compliment the sound diffusion that had already been planned.

    In the end, the noise control solutions that were put into place greatly improved the band room acoustics in the new facility.


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  • Music Room Makes Harmony Out of Acoustic Chaos

    As a result of increasing enrollment at Irving Robbins Middle School in Farmington, Conn., the school's three music rehearsal rooms were  quickly filling to capacity. Before long, the 65-member marching band was forced to practice in a former art room that was not acoustically suitable for them.

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