FlexiBooth™ Voice-Over Booth

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The FlexiBooth™ is a full size 24" x 48" wall-mounted acoustic cupboard that opens to surround the voice talent and create a 16 cubic foot voice-over zone.

The high-density 6lb acoustic panels are highly absorptive throughout the voice range and depending on how wide the doors are opened, various levels of ambiance may be added or subdued to suit the recording.

Features wood composite enclosure with easy to clean melamine surface.

Black cabinets with fabric wrapped Primacoustic Broadway acoustical panels lining the inside.

Interior panels are available in Beige or Grey.

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Product Questions & Comments (2 items)

  • I would like to put a Flexibooth in a laundry closet area . When using the dryer, I usually keep the closet door closed, making the area extremely humid. Would this damage the booth?

    kay collins -

    95 Positive

  • Kay, This is not something that we have tested specifically, however it is not likely that the humidity would damage the booth. Thanks!

    Diana Boxey - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    95 Positive

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