Diffusers & Bass Traps

  • Acoustical Diffusers
    Sound Diffusers (6)

    Acoustic room treatment and design will often start with sound diffusers.

    Sound diffusers are designed to scatter or disperse sound waves, thereby reducing standing waves and echoes and creating a better listening environment.

    An acoustic design for a room that uses just sound absorption can leave a room feeling cavernous.

    Adding sound diffusion to your acoustic room treatment can improve the speech intelligibility and improve the overall listening environment within the room without adding excessive amounts of sound absorption materials to the room.

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  • Corner Bass Trap
    Acoustical Bass Traps (5)

    Acoustic bass traps are low frequency sound absorbers used to reduce bass buildup and the effects of standing waves within a room.

    Acoustical Solutions offers 5 types of acoustical bass traps.

    Each bass trap model is available in 2' or 4' sizes.

    The Fabric wrapped acoustical bass traps are class 1 fire rated and wrapped in a decorative fabric - Customize to match your existing space or make a statement with our premium fabric choices!


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