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The Cumulus™ equilateral triangle bass trap is designed to mount in the tri-corner joint where two walls and the ceiling intersect.

Corners have long been viewed as the most effective place for acoustic treatment. 

A unique spring-loaded mounting system 'snaps' the Cumulus™ into the corner joint using a single eye-hook.

Once mounted, it creates a deep 12" cavity that will effectively reach down to absorb 125Hz.


Trap Size is 24" x 24" x 24" x 2" thick and sold in sets of 2 traps. 

Available in Black, Grey or Beige.


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Product Questions & Comments (4 items)

  • I want to stop noise from outside, auto's driving by with bass,nieghbors, ect. What inexpensive solution could I use? sigh...fixed income

    thom holloway - home owner

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    Hi Thom,

    Our AcoustiWood Fence System ( is a great solution for blocking highway noise. If something smaller scale is more what you are looking for, you might try adding Acousitcal Window Seals ( to your existing windows. This is where a lot of outdoor noise sneaks inside.

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

    107 Positive

  • Some clients complain that idling truck sounds or motor noises travel from the nearby stores and the sound seems to come through the roof and reverberate within certain rooms of the condo. There is no sound in the attic, only in the living space. What product would be best to address this issue? Should something be placed in the attic area or living space?

    Angelo Ditta -

    91 Positive

  • Hi Angelo, It's strange that there is no noise in the attic, but the sound seems to be coming from above. If the issue really is reverberation, your best best is to install sound absorbing materials. It sounds like you are treating a living space, in which case acoustical wall panels would look, and work, the best. Check out our best selling AlphaSorb Acoustical Panels: And our AcoustiArt Panels, which you can add images to:

    Aimee Sanford - Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

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