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City of Plano Shooting Range

The City of Plano Shooting Range in Texas needed a way to keep the sound of ringing gunshots from reverberating throughout their outdoor concrete structure. PhonStop Recycled Glass Acoustical Panels provided an adaptable solution that met the acoustical and structural needs of the facility.

Application Introduction

In Plano, Texas the local police department uses an outdoor concrete and plywood structure for all firearm target trainings. Even though the facility is isolated enough to not disturb nearby residents and businesses, the design of the range created a ringing and intense reverb with every shot that was fired.

Facility managers knew acoustical treatment had to be applied, but needed something that was durable enough for outdoor use, and could be changed out piece by piece if damaged by activities at the range, or if the plywood backing warped over time.

Treatment Provided

Sonex™ PhonStop Recycled Glass Panels were installed along the sides, overhead, and back of the outdoor enclosure. 

PhonStop Acoustic Panels are made from 100% recycled glass and contain no adhesives.

PhonStop is a lightweight material with high NRC ratings of .95 when used without a plaster facing and can be used inside or outside. Panels are usually mounted directly onto the wall or ceiling using adhesive, but in this case were installed using bolts and washers, so if a panel needed replacing it could be done so easily.

PhonStop is insensitive to moisture, temperature and acid. This is a remarkably strong panel that can withstand moderate amounts of impact yet remain easy to cut into custom shapes.

PhonStop Features:

  • No shrinkage or expansion under wet conditions
  • Non-combustible
  • Free of fibers and recyclable
  • NRC with out Plaster: .95
  • NRC with Plaster: .70

Quantitive Results

After all PhonStop Panels were installed, the reverb in the outdoor range decreased dramatically. With an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of .95, the panels absorbed 95% of the sound waves that came into contact with the panels, thereby eliminating much of the reverberating and lowering overall dB levels of gunshot noise.

Not only did the panels reduce gunshot noise, but increased intelligibility of verbal communication within the facility.


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