Ceiling Tiles and Clouds

  • Acoustical Drop Tiles
    Acoustical Drop Tiles (11)

    Replacing standard ceiling tiles with acoustical ceiling tiles is extremely easy and effective!

    Acoustical Solutions, Inc. carries a large variety of acoustical ceiling tiles for 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' drop tile ceiling grid systems.

    Choose from contoured ceiling tiles, multiple patterned facings, metal ceiling tiles or earn LEED credits with our Sustainable Series recyclable ceiling tiles. Take control of the noise levels in your space today! Simply replace your existing ceiling tiles... » View Acoustical Drop Tiles

  • Cloud Mount Panels
    Cloud Mount Panels (6)

    Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Panels answer your acoustical and aesthetic needs with their strong sound-absorbing performance, durability and elegant appearance.

    These hanging acoustical cloud panels are used for noise reduction and reverberation control.  Ceiling Cloud Panels are suspended from the ceiling, thus significantly increasing the sound-absorptive surface area of each panel. Create stunning architectural features and elegant designs with Cloud Mount Panels.

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  • Glue On Ceiling Tiles
    Glue on Ceiling Tiles (4)

    Adding acoustic ceiling tiles is more affordable and easier than you ever thought with our supply of acoustical glue on ceiling tiles.

    These highly absorptive acoustical ceiling tiles can be applied to a ceiling surface using adhesive and pressing them firmly into place.

    No need to install addition ceiling grids or hire expensive contractors to redo your ceilings.


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  • Drop Tile Barrier
    Drop Tile Sound Barriers (2)

    Most acoustical ceiling tiles only offer excellent sound absorption. 

    To effectively block sound from transferring through your ceiling into other rooms, using sound barrier products is essential.

    Acoustical Solutions, Inc. offers acoustical ceiling tiles with barrier already applied to the back of the tile for easy and fast installation.

    Or if you're working with an existing ceiling tile system, AudioSeal™ Drop Tile Ceiling Barrier can be used to stop sound from passing through, and giving you the privacy and sound control you need.

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  • wooden ceiling tiles
    Wooden Ceiling Tiles (2)

    Looking for the beauty of real wood ceilings but worried about the harsh reflective echos they generate?

    Acoustical Solutions, Inc. is excited to offer multiple products that bring the absorptive qualities you expect from top quality acoustic ceiling tiles together with the look and feel of wooden ceiling tiles.

    Our ceiling tiles offer excellent sound absorptive qualities and come with many textures, facings, sizes and sound absorbing ratings.

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  • AcoustiLight Ceiling Tiles
    AcoustiLight™ Fiber Optic Ceiling Tiles
    AcoustiLight™ Ceiling Tiles are a revolutionary plug ‘n' play acoustical ceiling tile system that is simple to use and adds magic to any high-end ceiling. With both a drop tile ceiling and surface mount systems. Premium acoustics, LED technology, labor savings, and sheer beauty are just some of the benefits you will experience. Features 1.0 NRC rating Low voltage light source = Low Power Consumption, Virtually No Heat, and Long Life Patent pending solid-state Star Engine embedded in every panels Save Money by Using a Combination of our Star Ceiling...

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  • Black Theater Board
    Black Acoustical Theater Board
    Black Acoustical Theater Board are sound absorptive boards that provide excellent acoustic performance by reducing reverberation and improving intelligibility of live and recorded audio. The board’s low light reflectivity make it ideal for use in areas with exposed ceilings, theater front ends, in place of ceiling tiles or behind surface treatments. Black Acoustical Theater Board is comprised of inorganic fibers with a black matte facing and is Class A Fire Rated. The product comes in 4' x 8' boards in 1" or 2" thicknesses and in either 3 or 6 pound per cubic foot...

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