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  • Profesional Recording Studio
    Professional Broadcast & Recording (9)

    When your career is dependent on the quality of sound that you produce, its absolutely essential to have the right acoustical treatments.

    Acoustical Solutions, Inc. has the products to help you "float" your walls, ceilings and floors. Choosing the correct acoustical materials for soundproofing within the audio recording rooms, music recording studios, vocal booths and editing rooms is also critical.

    Acoustical Solutions, Inc. offers a full range of sound absorption products (acoustical foams, bass traps) to help reduce reverberation and standing waves as well as diffusion products to help scatter sound waves and eliminate hot spots.

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  • Home Recording Studio Design
    Home Recording Studio Design (4)

    With the popularity of the home recording on the rise, Acoustical Solutions, Inc. has just the products you need to build your home recording studio.

    No recording studio, whether project or commercial, is complete without proper acoustical isolation, absorption and diffusion.

    Typically, slap echo, flutter echo, standing waves, along with a loss of clarity in the lower frequency range, plague the small room designs used for home recording studios.

    Don't let your recording studio design be the reason your recordings don't translate properly. Don't let room modes and phase canceling leave your room far from flat.

    Call Acoustical Solutions at 1-800-782-5742 and speak with one of our technical sales staff to discuss proper design for your home recording studio.


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