• Crystal Clear Lines Delivered at a Community Theater

    The Williamsburg Players in Virginia is a community theater group currently in its 56th season. Six months ago, an addition was built onto their facility to house a new and much larger performance area. With no acoustical treatment, however, reverberation and echo built up making it hard for the people in the middle of the theater to understand what the actors were saying.

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  • Richard Bland College

    During auditorium renovation at Richard Bland College in Petersburg, VA, the client decided to replace the acoustical treatment to clean up the look in the room and improve the acoustics.

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  • UVA OpenGrounds Uses Whisperwave Acoustical Clouds

    A new UVA facility required acoustical treatment to lower reverberation and improve speech intelligibility. Whisperwave Clouds from Acoustical Solutions blended with the aesthetic design and enhanced the acoustical quality of the space.

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  • Wall Panels and Diffusers Help Fine Arts at Woodberry

    Whenever there was a school play in the auditorium at Woodberry Forest School in Virginia, the acoustics were noticeably off. Echoes and reverberation were tarnishing perfectly good performances.

    In search of acoustic materials and services, the school decided to contact Acoustical Solutions, Inc.  The soundproofing and noise control company supplied and installed acoustical panels and baffles throughout the performance hall


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