Acoustical Blankets

  • AudioSeal Acoustical Blankets
    Sound Absorber Blankets (3)

    AudioSeal™ Sound Absorption Blankets are used to reduce reverberant noise energy or the reflection of sound waves within hard reflective environments such as industrial plants, gymnasiums, auditoriums or construction sites. Sound absorption blankets are available with either interior and exterior grade surfaces as well as silicone-coated facings for high temperature applications.

    The AudioSeal™ Sound Absorption Blankets are Class 1 Fire-Rated with a sound absorption rating (NRC rating) of .85. Available in a variety of colors and stitching.

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  • AudioSeal Absorber-Barrier Acoustical Blanket
    Sound Combination Blankets (5)

    AudioSeal™ Combination Blankets combine the leading sound absorbing qualities of quited fiberglass with the sound blocking capabilities of our AudioSeal™ Mass Loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier.

    Available in both interior and exterior grade, these acoustical blankets are durable, portable and can be custom designed for both indoor and outdoor projects. AudioSeal™ Combination Blankets are Class 1 Fire-Rated with NRC ratings ranging from .70 - 1.05 and STC ratings of 27-38.

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  • Acoustical Roll Around Screens
    AudioSeal™ Portable Acoustical Screens
    AudioSeal™ Roll Around Acoustical Screens are free-standing portable units which can be supplied with any one of our durable quilted fiberglass absorber / barrier combination blankets. The panels are attached to a 1" square heavy duty 11 gauge steel tube framework by quick connect nylon ties. Acoustic Screens may be used individually or with velcro joined at the edges to form a variety of configurations. Any of the screen configurations can be easily relocated or stored away as needs change. Casters may be added to the platform feet for maximum mobility. These screens can be...

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  • Track Hardware
    Track Hardware for AudioSeal™ Blankets
    Track hardware is specially designed to create free standing acoustical curtain enclosures as well as providing an economic method of installing acoustical curtain systems and wall applications. Hardware is available for floor installation as well as suspended, ceiling, beam and wall mounted systems. Hardware systems are easy to assemble, enlarge, disassemble and relocate. Call for pricing on curved track, wall mount brackets, floor mount connectors, double track, and heavy duty track or to have a sales person custom design a track configuration to meet your needs.  ...

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